Short Stories - Tall Tales
Horslips Party
19th September 2009  
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A special party for Horslips
The 30th Anniversary of the release of Short Stories Tall Tales.
Slattery's Rathmines - Dublin
Arranged by Niall Goode and Brendan Mcloughlin.

Also playing live and making it happen were Dave McGloughlin and Myles Lally with their band Risky Business.
On stage appearances during the night from Tom Newman, Paul Callaghan, Paddy Goodwin and Chris Somers among others.

With Eamon Carr on drums the organisers managed to have the all 5 original members of 
Horslips playing together  live at a public live gig in 2009. 

That's something neither  Dublin's O2 nor Belfast's Odyssey can boast!


On Johnny's shoulder (Right) that's Pat Maguire - Horslips minder and Stage Crewhand for O2 and Odyssey gigs and from the 70's
Check this for a younger Pat Maguire

Photographs Stephen Ferris

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