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Johnny and Steve have been playing together for more than a decade. Johnny also known as guitarist/vocalist with 'Horslips' & Irish bass guitarist Steve, is perhaps best known for his time with 'The Miami Showband'. The pair perform occasional gigs as Fean & Travers (with drummer Blendi Krasniqi). In late 2009 Johnny was rehearsing and playing  with Horslips and Steve was also performing on tour with The Miami Showband.

                      Happy Christmas 2009

News Items 20th Dec 09
We had only a few Fean and Travers gigs this year as Johnny and Steve had each been celebrating live touring with their respective bands from the 70s (Horslips and The Miami Showband). There are photos from these tours in the links below.  
There is one more chance to catch the boys play  together before the year end:

The Island Music Club Presents: - 
The Johnny Fean Band (Johnny Fean, Steve Travers, Blendi Krasniqi)
The Highway Crusheen, Co Clare, Sunday 27th Dec. 

Bookings 353 86 8599957

The Winter Runestone
When they visit this page people, on most browsers, will hear the Christmas ditty that Johnny and Steve recorded for this site a few years ago. Its called  "The Winter Runestone" and goes with the snowfall on the livery logo. If it doesn't play you can pick it up from the Fean & Travers myspace link below. 

The Twelve Days Of Christmas
Site Admin has, for various reasons, be delinquent for most of the year. 
To make up for this there are a heap of photographs in this update. 
Twelve links, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas, in reverse chronological order.

The first day of Christmas:      Horslips at the O2 Dublin
The second day of Christmas:  Horslips At the Odyssey
The third day of Christmas:     Horslips 2nd Rehearsal
The forth day of Christmas:     Horslips 1st  Rehearsal    
The fifth day of Christmas:       The Late Late show
The sixth day of Christmas:      Short and Tall Party
The seventh day of Christmas: Miami at the Ramble Inn
The eighth day of Christmas:    Miami at the Marine 
The ninth day of Christmas:     Miami at the Court Yard
The tenth day of Christmas:     Miami at the Braid Centre 
The eleventh day of Christmas: Ballinamore and more
The twelfth  day of Christmas:  The Man Who Built A Party

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Check out  Fean & Travers Myspace 

Dec 20th The Island Music Club Presents: - 
The Johnny Fean Band ( Fean, Travers, Krasniqi)
                The Highway Crusheen,  
                Co Clare, Sunday 27th Dec. 
                Bookings 353 86 8599957

Sept 15th Here's a Hotpress-Music Show link to checkout
                The above link is for Johnny while below we have a 
                link  for his Horslips bandmate Barry
Sept 12th Johnny Fean and Bill Whelan for Music Show:
               The Music Show, presented by Hot Press in
               association with RTE 2FM, The Irish Independent &
               The Sunday Independent, runs from October 3 - 4 
               in The RDS, Dublin. Times: Sat Oct 3, 10 -6.30pm, 
               Sun, Oct 4, 11am - 6pm.   Details here

July 4th    In December 2009 Johnny will be performing 
                with Horslips in Belfast at the Odyssey on Dec 3rd  
                and in the O2 in Dublin on December 5th.
                It is planned that Johnny's brother Ray Fean
                will  take the drums for these gigs.  
                For more details go to www.horslips.ie

July 4th   Also at www.horslips.ie find details of Johnny with
                The Trouble Makers who record and perform
                "Trouble With A Capital 'T'" in support of 
                the Irish Youth Foundation
                See also  The Raw Sessions

June 6th  See Guestbook for latest Fean And Travers
               gig details.
2009 News Above

2008 News Below
Oct 11th New Site for The Miami Showband.
               News, history, photos and of course 
               concert gig and show dates!! 

Oct 7th Link page updated link added for ex- 
              Limerick, now west coast USA based
             musician  Brendan O'Loughlin 

Sept 28th New photos in a slide show added for 
               the Miami night in the Grand Opera 
               House Belfast. Click here

Sept 12th This week sees The Miami Showband 
in Dublin and Belfast. 
Check out the Miami's new single
                "Joy to the World" recorded with
                children from Hazlewood 
                Integrated College Belfast in aid of
                Children in Crossfire. 
                Here's a news clip from the Belfast

July 11th   New tour announced for the Miami
                 Showband. Check here! For the rest of
                the year Johnny will join Steve in the 
                line-up for "The Miami Showband 
                Reunion Tour"

June 10th  New added for 27th June in 
                 The Oakwood Arms Shannon,
                 Co Clare.

May 22nd  (i) Steve wishes best luck to everyone
                 for the May 30th gig in Ballinamore and 
                 is grateful to Shannon's Dave Cronin 
                 for covering Bass and allowing Steve to 
                 fulfill engagements in Africa for the
                 Children in Crossfire organisation.

                (ii) New Gig added for 11th June in 
                 Miltown Malbay, Co Clare.

                (iii) Miami Concert added to gigs page
                for The Grand Opera House Belfast on 
                September 17th.   

April 27th Belfast 3rd May gig cancelled.

April 10th New  Gig: Belfast May 3rd

Mar 2nd    New  Gig:  May 30th, Co Leitrim

Feb 10th    Links page updated for Irish Showbands

2008 News Above
2007 News below

Jan 27th     Site updates found via the photographs
                  link. :
                  Anthology updated.
                  New Book Launch Slide show added. 
                  Eamon Carr photo page updated
Jan 7th      Jan 2008 - Christmas page removed.   
Dec 10th   Christmas home page set up.
Dec 9th     There are lots of new updates to check
                 out at Fean & Travers myspace 

Sept  2nd   Steve's Miami book can be purchased
                 online at www.amazon.co.uk. It will
                 also be available from online bookshops
                 suchas www.eason.ie  & www.kennys.ie.
                 More Book info by clicking here. 


Aug 28th  Cover of the new book by Stephen
                 Travers and Neil Fetherstonhaugh
                "The Miami Showband Massacre" added 
                 to the home page.

Aug 19th  Gigs page updated. 
                The Madison Dublin, August 24th 
                The Baron Mc Hugh's, Ennis, Sept 22nd.

Aug 17th  Johnny, Steve and Blendi interviewed
                live on TV3's Morning AM Show.
                The interview covered: how Steve and
                Johnny met at the 1975 STARLITE   
                music awards in Dublin, some of 
                Johnny's thoughts on Horslips and 
               Steve's on the Miami.  Blendi joined the
               pair in the studio and together the trio
               performed an acoustic version of  "The 
               Berlin Wall" (This was a Zen Alligator 
               Song from 1981 - the B side of the single
               "Who Can That Someone Be")
                 Steve announced that his book
                 covering the Miami days will be 
                 launched at Easons Dawson St 
                 Dublin on  Sept 11th 2007.
He'd like to invite along performers and 
               contributors from: 
               The Miami Showband Remembrance 
               Night Vicar St 2005 
               if they can make it to the launch.  
July  29th (i) Photographs page updated 
                 Drogheda July 07 added. 
               (ii) Instruments Page updated for Steve's
                Wall Pro and new Seven-String     
                (iii) Anthology updated new slide 35.
                (iv) About Band Page updated for
                The Great Hunger
July  27th Here's Blendi!

                        Blendi Krasniqi

July 27th Contacts & times added for August gigs. 

June 17th Added gig event for June 30th. 
               Johnny to make a guest appearance at
               Legends Rock N Roll event in Clones. 

June 9th  More summer gigs added. In Co Donegal
               for August. 

June 1st   Summer gigs added for Wexford, 
                Rathmines & Castlegregory.

April 11th We've added a new page called
                  Johnny Fean - The Early Days.
                  Access it from the above link or the
                  Photographs page. 

Mar   31st Gigs added Cobblestone,Dublin in May
                & McHugh's, Drogheda in July.

Mar   3rd  Venue change Ennis gig : March 16th

Feb  25th  Gigs added for Enniscorthy in May. 
                + Ballyshannon Folk Festival, in Donegal

Feb 24th  Blendi Krasniqi Drums/Percussion
                intends to perform with Johnny and
                Steve at all of their gigs this year. 

Feb 13th  Link to Ennis Chord Festival

Jan 23rd   Gig added Ennis for March 16th. 

Jan 14th   Guestbook 2006 archived.
                See bottom of Guest Book page. 
                Guestbook AntiSpam script updated.

Jan 13th  New pages added for The Crack
               (i) Check The Dawn of Crack on our 
               (ii) Check The Crack page from our
               Photographs page

               2006 Xmas page and news log  with site updates
               2005 Site updates and news logs 


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