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The ‘Band on Rum’ photo came from one of the nights when Johnny, with many others, played at a function organised in McHugh’s, Drogheda by Paddy Goodwin. When the all of the night’s performers were captured in a catch-all shot at the night end, the oval grouping & brick wall background had similarities to the iconic Wings cover ‘Band on the Run’. For fun a homage pseudo ‘Band’ cover was produced.  

Back Centre: Pat Maguire
Middle Row L to R: Ted McCarthy, Brian Murphy, Tom Newman, Brian Downey, Barry Devlin, Cormack
 Connelly, Chris Somers.

Front left row of 3: L to R  Johnny Fean, Charles O'Connor,  Paddy Goodwin

The musical paths of those in the photo have crossed in different ways over the years. This page give us a chance to feature some of friends, connections and events from melting pot of Johnny & Steve's  musical careers from down the years. It's a kind of magical mystery tour with an occasional McCartney & Beatles connection.  Trivia does not get totally free reign since  we look for double, triple or multi-connection fold-backs. The journey takes us from Shakin' all Over to Barack Obama and we genuinely look for Morse Code on The Tain

We journey by working left to right through the people in the photo* above:-  


Johnny Fean (front left) 
Since this is Johnny’s site we don’t need to introduce Johnny but here's a photo which was uncovered by Dorie Jennings in Rochester,  New York State, USA in which Johnny has a kind of Paul McCartney look. It looks like about 1979/80.  We come back to Johnny over and over as we descend the page. 



Ted McCarthy ( back left)

Ted is often found on bass guitar with Paddy Goodwin & The Holy Ghosts. In their younger days Paddy and Ted played in a bands The Bursted Sofa Ceili Band and The Titanic Cinq.   The latter band played (without Paddy) in the movie of  Shane Connaugton's book “The Run in the Country”.  

Ted McCarthy - November Wedding - Beverly Downs

Ted a gifted poet has new collection of poems to be published by Bog Road Press and will be entitled Beverly Downs "

His first published collection of poems, November Wedding  and Other Poems,  was published  in 1998. Check  it out here.   

Its first edition was sold out within a year. A second edition was launched to coincide with the presentation, to Ted, of the 1999 Brendan Behan Award for a first poetry collection.

Ted's Poetry site is here

We'll come back to Ted later down this page.  

Charles O'Connor (front 2nd from left)
Charles, who lives in Whitby, England, was able to participate by taking a break from his 2009 Horslips Dublin rehearsals with Johnny. 

Charles O'Connor , Paul Whittaker,  Aphra O'Connor - Angel - Endeavour

        Angel on the Mantlepiece

HM   Bark Endeavour                  


Charles released CDs; Angel on the Mantlepiece  in 1999 and H. M Endeavour: Breaking Waves in 2002. Both were written/produced by  Charles and Paul Whittaker  in Whitby. Charles' daughter Aphra gave vocals on Breaking Waves  for the track "Ice Blink. Charles also had been working on a project titled  "The Shell".    

Paul Whittaker - Mastering
Paul has been re-mastering  the 2009/2010 series of Horslips Albums which are being re-released on CD with bonus live tracks and with miniaturised versions of Charles' original album art
work.  Look for Paul's name under the mastering credits. 

Charles O'Connor, Philip Chevron - The Peelers : The Wind and the Willows

Philip Chevron tells us, "Charles played fiddle on a couple of singles I produced - firstly The Peelers "The Wind In The Willows" (Masquerade records 1983)."

Note the sleeve credit for Roger Armstrong, we find him again further down the page 


The Wind on the Willows was the same song that Irish band Spud had a hit with and which appeared on "A Feast Of Irish Folk" 

This is one of three Christmas singles mentioned on this page.   

O'Connor, Chevron, Crashe -  The Mighty Clouds Of  Dust : Champion The Wonder Horse

"The Mighty Clouds of Dust"- "Champion The Wonder Horse" on (Dead On Records 1983) was another Chevron produced record that Charles played on.  

Chevron once talked about this record on the Pogues forum saying:-. 
"The record contained the songs FLOWERS ON THE WALL, PLEASE MR CUSTER and CHAMPION THE WONDER HORSE. It became a bit of a cult item among the FOLK NEWS people, who reissued it as a 12" single in, I think, 1989." 










The 12 inch 45rpm version is shown in the photos*. Can you work out who was who from the credits below? 

Chevron (from the Pogues forum):

" The Mighty Clouds of Dust record was released on Dead On Records, the label run by former Nips co-manager Phil Gaston (who wrote "Navigator" on Rum, Sodomy) and Deirdre O'Mahony in 1983. It was basically Phil fulfilling a childhood dream of making a cowboy record. He was BIG DUSTY, the lead vocalist and co-produced the record with me. I was in fact Phil and Dee's lodger in Camberwell for most of the Eighties.

I was also, yes, JOHNNY JUKEBOX. Ben Mandelson (WILD SLIM MUSTAPHA) was with 3 Mustaphas 3 and Orchestra Jazira and has recently been part of Billy Bragg's band. Chopper (CHOPPER) was with the Mustaphas too and, lately, the Oyster Band. HANK RAVEN was and is Charles O'Connor from Horslips and PADDY "GUITAR" PADDY was Jimmy Crashe, former drummer with the Radiators.

(I was astonished to see this 12" as a stage prop in the Donmar Warehouse revival of Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing a few years back. It appeared in a scene in which Stephen Dillane as the Stoppardesque playwright is rummaging through his record collection so he can compile his list of favourite records for the iconic BBC Radio 4 programme Desert Island Discs!! The production moved into the West End and onto Broadway, but I don't know whether the Mighty Clouds Of Dust took the journey too. )" 

Guru Weirdbrain - Eamon Carr

You'll see thanks to Johnny Juke on in credits for several of the Horslips projects, it was  the name of a Chevron penned track from the Radiators  album Ghostown.  Chevron tells us .."the origin of the credit "PADDY "GUITAR" PADDY: Drums " was the fertile ground that is Guru Weirdbrain's mind. "

The Weird Weird World of Guru Weirdbrain was an Eamon Carr project which led to a 20 track LP in 1985. In the same fashion as The Mighty Clouds of  Dust  many of the artists listed on the LP used esoteric pseudonyms lending the project a left field enigmatic cult appeal.  

Charles O'Connor, Johnny Fean, Eamon  Carr -  Host



Charles, with Johnny and Eamon,  was one of the 1979 "Defenders" who we talk about later in this page.  The three were also together as co-founders of  "Host" which you find out more at our About the Band page and at the Discography.  The Tryal was an album by "Host" with a concept based on an unpublished novel "Love's Dark Light"  by Joe Ambrose  about Bridget Cleary and supposedly the last witch burning in episode in Ireland.  
Joe Ambrose and Eamon Carr  both read excerpts from the Novel on the Witness stand single from the album here. 

Joe Ambrose,  Eamon Carr, Johnny Fean -  The Saints and Scholars

This was a Carr-produced 1984 single, again released on Carr's hotwire label.   Song credits Carr/Fean/Carr. 
From Joe Ambrose's web site he says:

 " Eamon, myself, and rock'n'roll maven B.P. Fallon (he worked with T. Rex, Led Zeppelin, and Johnny Thunders amongst others) founded The Boy George Welcoming Committee - which satirically sought a civic reception in Ireland for the Culture Club singer and his Irish-born family - in 1984. Masquerading as The Saints and Scholars, we recorded the cult hit single, A Hundred Thousand Welcomes for Boy George. "

The B side was " Land of Your Fathers"

The Concerned and a Host of Irish Musicians 

1985, the year after Band Aid, saw the Single "Show Some Concern" on behalf of Concern an  Irish charity organisation for African famine relief.   
Artists + celebrities included: The Blades, Linda Martin, John Drummond, Maxi, Noel Eccles, Carl Geraghty, Fastway, Freddie White, Ray Lynam, Toy with Rhythm, Larry Gogan, Real World, Stockton's Wing, Flo McSweeny, Maura O'Connell, Quarterdeck, David Heffernan, Grand Slam, In Tua Nua,  Those Nervous Animals, Mary Black, Christy Moore, Carolyn Fisher, Eamon Gibney, Red Hurley, Auto Da Fe,  Johnny Duhan, Pat Dunne, Clannad, Bill Whelan, Pat Kenny, Dave Fanning, Barry Lang and the now late Gerry Ryan

Also taking part were:

The Host (this time without Charles O'Connor), The Golden Horde and Light a Big Fire  who were all among the many (too many for here) acts that used Eamon Carr's Hotwire label,  

also Paul McAteer, Greg Boland (who appear on Barry Devlin's Breaking Star Codes Album),

and Twink who got a sleeve note credit thanks on  Short Stories Tall Tales.

On the right you see Johnny, who is fleetingly shown (centre right in the shot) from a You Tube song segment which appears to be from the Reeling in the Years series.   

......back now the main photograph. 

Brian Murphy (back 2nd from left)
Brian "Rat" Murphy - Brian played with Paddy Goodwin in a Clones based rock and punk band called "Kicks" Paddy was known, at that time, as Handsome Dick Manitoba. Live sets included both Horslips and Sex Pistols numbers.

Murphy, Goodwin - Kicks - Snakebite - Guitars and  Darts - Kylie Minogue
The "Kicks" band subsequently became "Snakebite". They took this name from the first Whitesnake EP which featured Bernie Marsden on guitar. 

Paddy Goodwin  tells us ,
"I have an ex-Bernie Marsden guitarI met Bernie in 2009 when he played Navan at the Guitar Legends night with Johnny Fean and Pat McManus and Bernie confirmed it was the same guitar.....

..... another snippet is that when we, Snakebite, played support to The Darts their guitarist was Rob Davis (also an ex-Mud guitarist) who haggled with me to buy my guitar. In the end I decided not to let it go.  A lesser known fact about Davis is that he wrote "Can't Get You Out of My Head" for Kylie Minogue."

As well as supporting Darts, Snakebite  played support to Horslips, Bagatelle, The Bogey Boys and Kathmandu, The Lookalikes and various other 80s bands

 Snakebite also supported Stepaside (with Mark Costigan) and Mamas Boys (with Pat McManus)  who all feature again a few times later down this page

Beyond The Tears -Barry McCabe, Johnny Fean, Pat McManus, Mark Feltham 

Barry McCabe's CD "Beyond the Tears " CD had special guests Johnny Fean, Pat McManus and Mark Feltham from the Rory Gallagher band.

Johnny Fean, " I was delighted to be part of Barry's project. I played electric guitar on the Lonely Road and Trouble tracks, acoustic on The Sunset Waltz and I also sang backing vocals on Crazy Love 

Barry McCabe " They used pieces of Trouble, Catch Me If You Can  & In The Dead Of Night   in a short film called "Dead Load". It was shown at the 2010 Galway Film Fleadh.  In fact, Barry (Devlin) had a film showing the same day".  (Devlin's  film, co-written with Maurice Linnane,  was a Kiss for Jed Wood)


In the photo* right, right to left  Pat McManus, Barry McCabe, Sean O'Reilly and Sean Maguire  play  from the just-released album at Barry McCabe's home town in Virginia, Co Cavan, 21 Dec 2006 




.........and now back the main photograph.


Paddy Goodwin (front middle) 

People who known Paddy will know, he's a very talented guitar player and, he is the ever-present member of the ever-changing Holy Ghosts. He's long time friend of Johnny's and a serious guitar collector. Paddy, over the years,  has had more projects than we could cope with here, so we'll just pick out a couple. 

Paddy Goodwin, Pat Mc Cabe-  Blues for Fr Iggy, Skully 

Blues for Fr Iggy, shown right was a 2006 4 track EP CD with a Goodwin penned title track. Sleeve notes include a short story by Pat McCabe a one time Goodwin band-mate in "The Buck Eejits". McCabe is the well known author whose fictional works include; "Breakfast on Pluto", "The Butcher Boy" and also "The Dead School"  in which Horslips are featured.

Paddy Goodwin tells us, "I asked, Jim Lockhart's friend Skully , a cork musician, an electronic music mixer and producer to Master the EP, but there was a technical problem with the file format we sent and it wasn't straight-forward." 

Skully - Trouble - Dearg Doom Remixed
Skully  was responsible for the Original vs Rollback mix of 'Trouble with a capital T"
In an interview here, Skully talks about the Trouble project and says

  "I wanted to hear what the song would sound like with the FLUTE and GUITAR together. So although recorded over 20 years apart I set to work. Firstly isolating both samples. Then tuning them to each other, and finally stretching and synchronizing them to each other."

At the time of writing this you could hear the track here.

Skully is half of Metisse who produced a 2002 disco electronic  Dance re-mix of Dearg Doom. 

Incidentally the Irish melody beneath Trouble is Brian Boru's March. We come back to that march in its raw form later down the page. 

Goodwin - Poor Mans Moon , Henry McCullough

In the 'Rum' photo Paddy is wearing a Poor Man’s Moon tee shirt. Poor Man's Moon was a 2008 Henry McCullough album for which Paddy plays on guitar and  was the executive producer. There's an endless supply of Johnny related links which stem, indirectly,  from Henry and the Poor Man's Moon album shown left.

Below is some of that lunar trivia. 

McCullough -  Ranelagh, Carr

Johnny’s colleague Eamon Carr was the lyricist for many of the tracks on the album including the title track    The germination for Poor Man's Moon was an incidental  Eamon/Henry meeting at The Ranelagh Festival  in Dublin 30th September 2006. They were both independently performing. The ensuing chats led to Eamon eventually giving Henry lyrics for Poor Man's Moon to see what Henry might do with the prose. The result led to the album. In the right photo* is Henry on-stage at the Ranelagh Festival. 

McCullough,  James Delaney - The Lost Steps, The Fean Brothers
With Henry that's  James Delaney on keyboards. James played also has played with "The Lost Steps", a band which includes the Fean brothers (Johnny, Donal & Ray) and who try to play every year around Christmas near Johnny's home in Limerick.
  You can see a post card flyer for the Lost Steps here.  This flyer was one of a few designed by Johnny's brother Donal Fean.

James Delaney - Clara Rose - A Portfolio
As well as playing on the Poor Man's Moon album James Delaney also played on the debute album Clara Rose - A Portfolio by Clara Rose Monanghan. It was released summer 2010 and Clara performed tracks from it at another Goodwin driven night on the "Band on the Rum" stage  at McHugh's in July 2010. More info here

McCullough - Woodstock - A Little Help -  Beatles - Yellow Submarine - Meanies

At the end of the Ranelagh night Henry lead a full stage of artists in version of the Beatles classic "A Little Help From My Friends". This was a song which Henry had performed at Woodstock  when he was part of the Joe Cocker Grease Band.   That's Henry on the left in the shot, you can watch this video from from Woodstock on Utube here 
As well as releasing the song on their Sgt Pepper album the Beatles used the song in the Yellow Submarine film which featured the Blue Meanies. We talk about Johnny and his Meanie connections further down this page

Ranelagh - Buckley - Carr - Zen Poet - Zen Alligator  

In the photo* right that same night at Ranelagh Sept 06, Eamon accompanied by Sax player Richie Buckley, reads from his haikua style poetry. 
Richie Buckley has been involved with a plethora of artists including: Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Carlos Satanta, Christy Moore, Sharon Shannon, Sinead O’Connor, Paul Brady and Bill Whelan. 

Also performing that night were The Creatures who include Brian Harris. Brian Harris was a one time Cotton Mill Boy. We come back to the Cotton Mill Boys further down the page. 

The reading was partly written in Japan by Eamon at the time of the 2002  world cup in a kind of homage to the Japanese Zen poet Matsuo Basho and would later would feature in Eamon's 2008 book, see photo left, "The Origami Crow" about his  trip to Japan. 

Zen is a Japanese word for Chán which, in simplistic terms references a Buddhist school of thought. It was also used in the name of Johnny & Eamon's post-Horslips band the Zen Alligators.   All told, one can surmise Carr is both a Zen Poet and Zen Alligator

Eamon wasn't present on the ‘Rum’ night, but absentees Eamon, Henry and Jim Lockhart played at other Holy Ghost nights with Johnny in McHughs Drogheda May & Dec 2009.

Poor Man's Moon - Averill - Chevron - The Pogues- Horslips

The artwork for the Poor Man's Moon album was created by Steve Averill (AKA Steve Rapid). Rapid, along with Philip Chevron,  was a founder members of  Radiators from Space.   Clearly they were  involved with Johnny & co  in different music mix-it-up episodes  in the late 70’s.  Two such events were the "Meanies" night and the "Defenders" project which we'll come to soon. 

But first here's a coincidence about Chevron, also a member of the Pogues. Horslips & The Pogues shared a newspaper advert page (right) in the Nov 29th 2009 Belfast edition of News of the World.

Sharon Corr supported Horslips on this night. We come back to her later. Photos* from these 2009 live Horslips concerts are here:
Belfast Odyssey
Thu 3rd Dec 09
& here

Dublin O2
Sat 5th Dec 09
& here for the 
 Late Late Show
Friday 20th Nov 09 

While Philip Chevron  with the Pogues were tuning up to play in George's Market on Dec 2nd 2009, The photo* shows Johnny & co were a few hundred metres away at HMV, Belfast for an album signing session
After the signing Johnny and Maggie went browsing in HMV and bought an armful of Beatles CDs to update from the vinyl collection. 

The Meanies - Radiators - Horslips & When Night Comes

But now back to the Meanies, a one night hybrid Radiators/Horslips band named after the Beatles animated Blue Meanies.  According to Phil Chevron, Pogue, Radiator,  Meanie and stalwart Horslips fan,   The Meanies, in 1979, played Dearg Doom, Red River Rock, Television Screen, Hucklebuck, I Ran All The Way Home (the late lamented Paul Verner sang those last two) and the Soldiers' Song.”    The gig was in McGonigal's, Dublin. 

Johnny: "It was around the time of the Meanies & Defenders Gigs that I wrote the song 'When Night Comes'. I visualised it being a track on the Short Stories Album. In the end we used it as a B side for the 'Guests of the Nation' single.
'When Night Comes' occasionally got into our live set. I was very fond of the song and later took it into the Zens' live set."    

Meanies - Radiators: Televsion Screen. Carr and the Pogues

Television Screen' was a single from The Radiators 'TV Tube Heart

Philip Chevron (in 2010): " Eamon and co-producer Jackie Hayden helmed the Radiators first demo at Trend Studios in October 1976, the demo that got us signed to Chiswick Records, run by former Thin Lizzy manager Ted Carroll and former Horslips tour manager Roger Armstrong. It included the very first recording  of "Television Screen" and was released as "The Midnite Demos" on shite-coloured vinyl ep by Rejected Records about 4 or 5 years ago... 

....later, Eamon played drums briefly for the Pogues when Andrew Ranken had to cry off. It was, I think, a TV music show in Dublin (was it set in an old church?)" 


TV Tube Heart, Johnny Byrne, Horslips, The Zens and  Black 47  

Here's the rear sleeve from the'TV Tube Heart' album.

 Left to right:-
Peter Holidai,
-Philip Chevron,
-Mark Megaray,
-Jimmy Crashe,
-Stephen Rapid

The  credits at the bottom  include:
- Roger Armstrong (producer),  
- Horslips photographer Ian Finlay,
- Johnny Byrne on Engineering.  

More about Roger Armstrong (Horslips Tour Manager, Peeler and Chiswick co-founder) here

Here are two links about the late Johnny Byrne (Horslips/Zens and Black 47 Sound Engineer)
. Interestingly, at both links, we hear about his kind nature. 

(1)  Johnny Fean and the late Johnny Byrne are photographed by Eamon Carr at this link with a few words by Eamon about Johnny Byrne. 

(2) Black 47's  Album "Live in New York"  was recorded on St Patrick's Day 1998. The additional online-only album notes here (make sure to click the read more link) talk about  Johnny Byrne's  time with Black 47, his drive for creativity and  the context of untimely death.  


The Meanies - Shakin all Over at the Whitla Hall

And according to Eamon Carr, “Curiously, it was at the Meanies gig that Johnny first unveiled Shakin' All Over. It was so impressive that it immediately became an encore in Horslips' set! 
Shakin' All Over  was a single from the Belfast Gigs recorded in the Whilta Hall, April/May 1980. 

The Whilta Hall to the Whitehouse, Paul Muldoon

Co Armagh born Poet, Paul Muldoon, (now a resident in the USA) was one of 50 writers who was asked to write about their most memorable concert-going experience.  He choose Horslips at the Whilta Hall.
The book is called "The Show I Never Forgot".  Other writers choices included: The Beatles, Woodstock and also The Pogues.

In Paul's Whilta Hall background narrative, he talks about working with Horslips on a 1974 RTE/BBC project, "The Great Debate". 
 Paul, at the time a BBC producer,  included a scripted St Patrick vs Oisin debate on the merits on Christianity-induced changes in Ireland. The Horslips score for the show included a new "Oisin's Tune".  A later version of "Oisin's Tune" was the B side for the single "Daybreak". It would also appear on "Tracks from the Vaults" with a sleeve note reference to Paul Muldoon and another nod to St Patrick

The St Patrick connection would take Paul another direction.  On 17th March 2009 he was invited to read to President Barack Obama at the White House.
At the time of writing this he is featured on his news page here, with the Muldoon- Obama photo here

Paul also plays in a band called Rackett.
Here is a photo* of Rackett playing, 31st August 2007, at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast. It's just a few hundred metres from the Whilta Hall.  That's Paul with the beige telecaster.  

..........and in December 09 Paul returned for another unforgettable Horslips show in Belfast.  

The Defenders -  Band - Roll Call - et al

Back now to Steve Rapid (AKA Steve Averill),  his fellow Radiator Mark Megaray,  and the previously mentioned Paul Verner. They, along with Johnny, Charles and Eamon  were also part of the Defenders project  which lead to the  "Xmas up on Venus" single recorded in October1979. You can check who also was involved from the sleeve below. 

Paul Verner - Roadies Corner

A "must read" is a Eamon Carr penned tribute to the late Paul Verner  at the Roadies Corner on the bottom of the page at  this link. 

Philip Chevron, Charles O'Connor , Jimmy Crashe - A Skeleton At The Feast

Chevron:- "Charles and with Jimmy Crashe (Radiators' drummer) tried to get a band together soon after the demise in quick succession of Horslips and the Radiators . We never got much past a few rehearsals but we did have the Irish band rite of passage of being named by Steve Rapid - A Skeleton At The Feast."

An accident waiting to happen? 

Chevron:- "Horslips and Radiators drummers once plotted a joint Sandy Nelson type drum record. The title? CARR CRASHE of course! And no, they never did make it." 

Gary Eglington, Steve Rapid and The Zen Alligators first Dublin Appearance 
Gary Eglington played Bass for the 1979 Defenders and, by the end of the following year, would be part of the four piece Zen Alligators band.  Steve  Rapid designed the poster for the first Dublin Zen Alligator event. You can see the 4 fancy-dressed Zens and their signatures; Phil Fay, Gary Eglinton, Eamon Carr and Johnny Fean in the photo postcard below. 
The circled girl in the poster is the same girl on the "Who Can That Someone Be?" single cover artwork. Rapid also designed the cover for the first Zen's Single "Thrill Party"

Gary Eglington, Barry McCabe - Albatross
Barry McCabe: 
" Gary Eglington actually played bass with me after he left the Alligators. My band was called Albatross then. In fact he was part of the line-up that moved abroad with me when I decided to quit the day job and become a full time musician. We spent a lot of time in France and Scandinavia" 

....before we leave the Alligators another little snippet is that Johnny reckons he was working a Beatles influence through when he composed the melody for the Zen's song "You make my day".


McCullough - Wings
Henry McCullough himself  has had a pedigree rock career which you can find out about at his site  Henry was also absent on the ‘Rum’ but he was actually a real member of Wings and is famously known for his improvised guitar solo on the Wings single  My Love’.   Sadly, for this little page, Henry moved on before ‘Band on the Run’ was recorded by Paul McCartney and Wings in 1973.

Wings - Band on the Run
Here's the cover that is the inspiration for this page. The cover photo was taken in October 1973 against a garden wall in Osterley Park.
This is the rear cover. 

On the front cover, caught in the flash of the curious camera are:  Michael Parkinson, Kenny Lynch, Paul McCartney, James Coburn, Linda McCartney, Clement Freud, Christopher Lee, Denny Laine, John Conteh

McCullough - Last Bandits, Sudden, Carmody - Tell Me, Johnny Fean and Eamon Carr

Interestingly Johnny & Henry both recorded with Simon Carmody + Nikki Sudden as The Last Bandits, but not at the same time!  Johnny played on: The Last Bandits of the World LP.  

Henry on the other hand played on the single:  "The Last Bandits - Christmas Morning"  which has Tell Me as the B side. See right.  The song Tell Me is independently common to both recordings and both guitarists!  

This was the third Christmas single on the  page.    

Tell me three times about the Bandits and the Jacobites.  

Did Johnny Fean  record with the Jacobites? Not quite! What happened was there were actually 1986 recordings of Tell Me .  There was Henry's B side and two Fean versions (an opening Tell Me track and a reprise Tell Me track) for the Last Bandits of the World LP.  

Ragged School 
was a 1986 (released on CD 2002) compilation album created by  Nicky Sudden & Dave Kusworth (both of the Last Bandits Camp) and it included the 1min 57 second reprise Tell Me track from the Bandits Album. 

Tell Me was a Carmondy/Sudden  written track. Three of the tracks on The Last Bandits of the World  were written by Carr/Fean: Horse's Island, Four Wicked Winds and Never Talk About Her.  There's a page for the Last Bandits album at this link. 

Nicky Sudden died in 2006 


McCullough - The Deans, Stephen Travers and Johnny Fean
Another band common to Johnny & Henry recordings are The Deans. They both guested on a 2008 Dean music recording project, but again not at the same time. Stephen Travers was the project producer.  

Back: Gary Dean (Bass) , Producer Steve Travers & Engineer Kenny Swain. 
Front row:
Henry McCullough (Guitar), Gavin Dean (Guitar) & Martin Sheanon (Drums).

The photograph at Sun Street Recording Studio, Tuam Co. Galway Ireland Sep 2006.

 It was taken a few days before the  Ranelagh photos above on this page. 

We'll get more Steve connections further down this page. Over the last few years, as well as the occasional gigs with Johnny, Steve has been touring with his band from the 70s "The Miami Showband", there's more information around this site and at

The Miami Showband Stamp 1967 - 2010 

Steve Travers:
"In October 2010, The Irish Postal Service 'An Post', will issue a postage stamp featuring The Miami Showband. The picture was taken in 1967. Fran O'Toole (bottom left), Des Lee (bottom row third from left) and Brian McCoy (top right). It's a great honour for all associated with the band throughout its long history. " 


Travers, Les, Miller, Miami Showband and Friends, Fean, Wood, Brown

In September 2008 original Miami Showband members Steve Travers, Des Lee and Ray Miller were joined by Johnny Fean, Barry Woods and Gerry Brown to record a single:- Joy to the World  for Children in Crosssfire  and a special concert took place in Belfast Grand Opera house to luanch a Miami Showband tour. Guests on stage with Steve and Johnny  included  Gerry's sister - Dana ( Eurovision song contest winner), Paul & Gerry Kaye, Les Mckeown (Bay City Roller), Brendan Bowyer and Aonghus McNally.  More info and photos* on these people on stage with Steve &Johnny here. 

Ex Mushroom band member Aonghus had previously been co-founder with Steve in a band Cracker and we come on him again further down the page. 


...and now it's time to get back to where we once belonged, that's the "Band on the Rum" photo. 

Tom Newman (back, 3rd from left)
Tom is known to Goodwin as “The Diamond Geezer”. Tom’s involvement also triggers a number of different relevant stories starting in at The Manor Studios in Oxfordshire England, where in the early 70’s, Tom had set up the studios and was the resident engineer.  

1973 at the Manor - Horslips and Tubular Bells

Wings - ‘Band on the Run’,  Horslips -  ‘The Tain’  and Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells’ were all released in 1973. The latter two used The Manor Studios for recording.  Thomas Newman didn’t work with Horslips at that time, but he was the co-producer and engineer for Tubular Bells. 

Tubular Bells 
The working title for Oldfield’s album had been "Opus One". John Cale had been using the Manor Studio to record his album “Academy in Peril  and had hired a set of tubular bells for the work.  Oldfield asked Cale to leave these behind in the studio for his own album this lead to the renaming of the "Tubular Bells" album. 
Over the years
Tom has continued to support Oldfield on various projects.

Tom Newman  - The Hound Of Ulster

As chance and coincidence would have it Tom Newman went on to record an instrumental album called The Hound Of Ulster which released in 1997.  The tracks are:  The Calling of Setanta,  The Sojourn to the Dun of Culann the Smith,  The Courting of Emer,  Emer's Aire,  Erin, The Field of Muirthemme,  The Tain: The First Blood, The Tain: The Death of Ferdiad, The Eejit  and finally Ghosts.

As if all these Tain connections were not enough Tom currently lives near Carlingford in the hinterland of the Tain trail. It’s not too far from McHughs in Drogheda. 

When we talked to Thomas about the Hound of Ulster Album, at the end of 2009, he told us: “As it happens I’m re-mastering 'The Hound' at the moment, writing some new sections, and putting it together with the Faerie Symphony to create a more complete Tain story. I started The Hound in about 86, I think, and it took about 2 years on and off, it was always intended to be the first part of a 'trilogy', but with one thing and another I'm only just getting around to it!"

The Sleeve notes mention "The Piper of Hastings", who played on the Emer tracks,  but gives no name for the artist. Tom says, "Emer's Piper is genuinely anonymous, as I left Hastings and lost his name and number in moving, so I can't credit him, although I would love to!" 

For a little resonance with this page you can see that, like the "Band on the Run" cover , ‘The Hound Of Ulster’ album cover has a red brick as the background.

The Hound Of Ulster - Host and The Hellhound

Setanta, the central figure in "The Tain" became a tortured soul after he was renamed the Hound - "Cullan's Hound, "The Hound of Ulster". He was happy enough about the English versions of the title, but in Gaelic there were so many spelling variations of his name it was confusing. When people asked him about this it made the eye budge in his head!
Things weren't improved in 73 when he was given another moniker, "Dearg Doom". It got worse in 1985 when he inherited another title "The Hellhound". "The Hellhound Was My Name" was the last Host single to be released. 
Find out more here.

Tublar Bells - Rugby Radio Station – Morse Code

A strange fact about the Tubular Bells album is that it carries a Morse Code Signal. In the devilment of the time one might suspect that this was intentional, but it wasn’t.  Tom had been unaware of the phenomena

It turns out that there was Navy Radio broadcast station near Rugby which broadcast signals to submarines.  The chosen frequency was a carrier at 16Khz  which is (VLF) very low frequency radio for allowing good transmission through water. In 1973 the station was broadcasting a signal in Morse Code (VVV GBR) continuously. Significantly, 16Khz is also in the audio spectrum and the signal from the station managed to get cleanly onto the Tubular  Bells album. Some of the recording equipment must have been sensitive the radio signal and allowed a low level sound trace through onto the recording.
Looking for the Morse
With the free PC software and a ‘Tubular Bells’ CD the signal can be seen by most folk on a PC with a reasonably good quality soundcard that can feed playing music to the "mic" or "line". You need to load a small  file which turns you computer to a spectrum analyser.  
After loading the software you have a spectrum analyser on you PC . Once loaded you can load the settings for seeing the Tublar Bells signal by clicking "file", then "load settings" then choosing the "gbr_cd.usr" file followed by open. You then can put the Tubular Bells CD in and as it plays you can see (and hear) the spectrum results and the Morse Code clearly dot and dashing out VVV GBR.

There's a morse code table to decode the signal at this link 


Alan O’Duffy (Producer of The Tain) tells us about the Manor Studios: “The whole place was a credit to Tom Newman who was working on a shoestring and yet had the studio, which was basically a large barn, looking beautiful.  With Horslips  we worked into the very early hours of the morning, but when we stopped for the night Tom and Mike would come in to use the studio for the Tubular Bells project.  Tom would persuade Steve Broughton to sit in and play drums. Steve was drummer/brother in Edgar Broughton’s  Band who I recorded with at the Manor immediately after Horslips.  

Oldfield and Newman took their demo tape around the record companies but none were sure about it, nobody wanted it! What launched Tubular Bells (and really saved Virgin for Richard Branson, the studio owner) was that Branson, at a meal with producers of the uncompleted Exorcist film, suggested Oldfield’s work would be suitable for the film. It was agreed and Branson struck up a deal to use the material. As was often the way with musicians, the deal was more lucrative for Branson than Oldfield.......

Regarding The Tain,  we recorded at Escape Studios as well as at the Manor Studios. But I think all the work for Dearg Doom was at the Manor, so that might be a good Tain track to check for Morse code. 

I was particularly proud of the the way I approached the production of Dearg Doom, building it up from its bare elements. I wanted a rock feel for this track. From one angle Eamon  was basically a Bodran inspired drummer ... a sort of  Jeff Peccaro shuffle bodran feel and I was coming at the track from a  more Talma direction...  so with a lot of enthusiasm through the session we came up with a style which delivered the groove. Perhaps it was something in the way I made the tea,  but it still sounds good today........

Inspector Morse Investigates The Tain, O'Duffy and Fryer

We checked the CD of  “The Tain” produced by Alan O’Duffy and recorded in the same building the same year as Tubular Bells, but sadly there was no Rugby radio signal on any track, not even Dearg Doom
From  ‘Tracks from the Vaults’  the signal was also absent on the Fritz Fryer produced ‘Dearg Doom’ - a later version. And there was nothing on the Alan O’Duffy  produced 'The High Reel’'. They were both recorded at the Manor.

 John Cale’s ‘Academy in Peril’ CD was checked and it appeared to be heavily infested by multiple instances of the 16khz signal. 


Fritz Fryer - Lipstick, The Beatles & The Stones

Ftiz Fryer was also the producer of the 1976 Lipstick single 'Come Back Beatles c/w The Fab Four Four'. Fritz Fryer died in September 2007.
The single name was the idea behind the title for the Horslips fan site comebackhorslips. 
People who have the "Tracks from the Vaults" album will know that Lipstick was a cover name for Horslips. 

Johnny: "On the single, along  with a hysterical Beatlemania screaming background, you can hear a number of Beatles riffs:- Day Tripper, Paper Back Writer, Ticket to Ride and I sneaked in part of the intro for Twist and Shout. Were weren't all about for the Lipstick photo shoot so our sound engineer Robbie McGrath stood in for the photo which also shows a 1960 Les Paul Junior. It's like to one I used today, but it's not the same guitar."  

You can see the Lipstick photo (above the color shot ) here.  

Robbie  later produced the Album Tryal  for Host  went on to become the Sound Engineer for The Rolling Stones. 

...and now again, on our long and winding road, it's time to get back to the "Band on the Rum" photo.

Pat Maguire (back middle)
Pat Maguire - Horslips minder and Stage Crewhand for O2 and Odyssey gigs and from the 70's.
This photo was taken from our DeJessa page. 
Brian Downey (4th from right)  
Brian of course is best known as drummer from Thin Lizzy. There are lots of times when Johnny and Brain’s paths crossed. In Johnny’s “Early Days” page Johnny, in his own words,  tells us about pre-Horslips encounters with Brian at the Parteen Mansion  in Limerick. Check it out here.

It was no surprise that Brian was also part of the show for the Philip Lynott Tribute Night August 2005. That's Brian in the photo* below on stage at the point with Gary Moore, Scott Gorham and Jonathan Noyce. 

You can see Johnny play at the Point Depot Dublin in 2005 here. This was before the venue was re-named "The O2".   

Brian returned to McHughs with The Holy Ghosts & Johnny Fean Dec 2009. Paddy Goodwin tells us that they asked Brian to drum on  You Really Got Me” as that song significantly sealed Brian’s place in the pre-Lizzy, pre-Orphanage band called  'The Black Eagles when Brian auditioned for his Crumlin schoolmate Phil Lynott.

Barry Devlin (3rd from right) 
Barry ("the walrus was me") was able to participate during the night by taking a break from his winter 2009 Horslips rehearsals. 

Barry Devlin, Steve Traver- The Crack
Barry has crossed paths with Steve Travers at a few points during their career. In the 1970s both owned a Plexiglass Bass Guitars.  Barry, again, played one (it was Paddy Goodwin's) at the 2009 Horslips concerts. Steve's sadly was destroyed in the blast at the Miami incident. 

Barry stepped in to Produce one track from Steve's 1982 album for a group called The Crack which we have a page for here "The Dawn Of Crack" .
The single which was the first from the album and called, "When the time comes". It has a very Beatles like feel. 
Paul McCartney himself is said have liked the album and interestingly when Beatles Producer George Martin heard the single he told Stephen it was "too close" to the Beatles sound. The B side was called "Kickin' at the Kickham" which wasn't on the album.

The second single from the album was, "Go Away".
 The b side from this single called "Listen" wa
s also a track that wasn't on the album. It was also produced by Barry Devlin.

Steve and Tommy Lundy are shown in the picture sleeve, right. Sadly Tommy passed away in Octo
ber 2003.  
Ronan O'Callaghan and  Pat Waller made up The Crack foursome. 

Travers - Starband- Cracker - Aonghus McNally 

The Crack had started out when Starband members Steve Travers and Aonghus McNally  formed the Ska band 'Crackers'.   'The Crack' emerged without Aonghus. You can find some of Steve's connections to Aonghus McNally ("Mushroom"), "Starband", "The Memories", "Jim Farrelly" and "Roly Daniels" at this link for The Crack.  

You can also see photos* here of Aonghus on stage in 2008  with Johnny and Steve at the Belfast Grand Opera House 

 Two Horslips, Two Mushrooms with a Hothouse Flower on its Eoin! - TG4 Ardan

In March 2006 Aonghus, and his one time Mushroom band mate Pat Collins, shared the stage with Horslips, Liam Ó Maonlaí  of Hot House Flowers and Eoin Duignan  at the finale for the Live Horslips Special on TG4's Irish speaking programmed Ardan



In the above Photo* left to right are:
 Liam Ó Maonlaí, Aonghus McNally, Eoin Duignan, Pat Collins, Johnny Fean, Barry Devlin

Also on stage with Horslips at the finale  were:

John Kelly (RTE  TV/Radio presenter and author of the book Sophisticated Boom Boom which creates a 70s Irish teenager's world which of course features Horslips.)  
Ian Lockhart shown on keyboards with his father in the photo* right.      


Adran, Rossa O'Sioradain, Micky MacGabhann - Black 47, Paul Muldoon

Rossa O Siordain  was a driving force behind the 2006 TG4 Ardan Horslips show. In 2010 he set off to the USA with Barry Devlin and Jim Lockhart to make a documentary which was loosely retracing the journey of Micki MacGabhann from Micki's "Rotha Mór an tSaoil"  (Great Wheels of the World) book. The idea was along the way to connect up with American/Irish bands that might have been influenced by Horslips.  MacGabhann's book was the loose concept framework for the 1978 Horslips album The Man Who Built America. The documentary was under construction in 2010

This photo*  was taken 4th May 2010  in New York City when at the time the team were working with Black 47 (again live in New York) and about to visit Paul Muldoon and his band Racket.  

Near left:   Martin Birney (Cameraman) 
Back left:   Rich Hooban (Transport)
Middle:      Rossa O'Sioradain    
Back right: Jim Lockhart
Near Right:Sam Horgan (Sound)

Film cameraman Martin Birney was part of the film crew when filming the History Of Exhibition in 2004 for the Return of the Dancehall Sweethearts DVD. 

Exhibition - Nelis, Ferris, Callaghan - McHugh's - Goodwin, McCarthy, Callaghan, Ferris

The organisers of  History of Horslips Exhibition  were Jim Nelis, Paul Callaghan and Stephen Ferris. 

10th July 2010 shown in photo*  before Barry Devlin and later Johnny Fean  took to McHugh's "Band On The Rum" stage Thomas Ferris (Stephen's son) ,left , makes his live guitar debut  Paddy Goodwin , right, on guitar.

Ted McCarthy  was on bass with Paul Callaghan  on drums.


Paul Callaghan " It's a great privilege for me to play drums at these affairs. In recent years I've played with Johnny, Barry, Jim and Charles - but not all at the same time. "

Star Codes - Devlin, Travers, Mark Costigan, Paul Mc Ateer, Lockhart - Cre Na Cille, Fean

In 1983, the year following the making of "The Dawn of Crack" Steve and Tommy Lundy would return a  compliment to Barry Devlin by guesting  on Barry's album Breaking Star Codes. 

Paul Mc Ateer, a renowned Irish drummer is found on the likes of Paul Brady's albums, and was the beat master for "Star Codes". Jim Lockhart also was a guest on the "Star Codes" album. 
Both Greg Boland and Mark Costigan also guested on guitar. 

Jim composed the film music  for the Irish Language Film "Cre Na Cille" (2007) and invited Paul Mc Ateer to play drums and our own Johnny Fean to play guitar for the score.    

Devlin, Lockhart, Costigan - Glenroe

Lockhart and Devlin are both credited for arrangement on the Jim Lockhart Single for the Theme from Glenroe
As with the Star Codes album Mark Costigan (Stepaside)  played acoustic guitar on th
e track. 

On the B Side THUAS AG GORT A' CHARNAIN Glenroe's Mick Lally (in the photo) read in Irish. 

Jim Lockhart  produced the 1986 record. 

Jim Lockhart - AOIFE - 19 Arches -  Brian Boru's March 

In 1984 Jim Lockhart had also produced the 19 Arches singles for Aoife. The B side was Brian Boru's March/JohnathansBrian Boru's March  was used on the Book of Invasions as March Into Trouble  and of course with different syncopation on Trouble with a Capital T. It was also the basis of the riff from the track Homesick from the Man Who Built America Album





Lockhart, Devlin, Fean  and the Troublemakers, 

In 2009 Lockhart, Devlin, and Fean were part of  The Troublemakers  (members of Horslips, Kíla, Republic of Loose, The Blizzards and 10CC's Kevin Godley) who recorded a version "Trouble with a capital T" in aid of the Irish Youth Foundation. 

Devlin, Lockhart -  Turn it Up - Mama's Boys,  Philip Begley, McCabe, Steve Iredale 

This Mama's boy's album was recorded in Lombard Studios and released the same year as Star Codes. It was produced by Barry Devlin and featured Jim Lockhart on organ on the album track and single  "Too Little of you to Love".  

Note the credit for Philip Begley on Engineering and as guest artist

The right hand photo is part of the Turn it Up  rear cover showing credits for Devlin and Lockhart. The chosen rear cover segment also shows Mama's Boy Tommy Mc Manus, brother of  John and Pat,  who had a long battle with leukemia and died in 1994. 

Paddy Goodwin " I remember young Tommy announcing that the McManus boys were going to go professional and asking me when I was going to do likewise......


..... I also recall calling into the studio when first Mama's Boys album,  The Official Bootleg,  was being recorded in Slane Studios near Drogheda. The Producer  was Barry McCabe and Steve Iredale was Engineer." 

Iredale  was/is Horslips & Zens and U2  Sound Engineer and Stage Production Manager. Both he and Devlin have had significant parts to play  in the U2 story. Too much for here...

Devlin - Phil Begley -  Mama's Boys - Needle in the Grove - Belfast City Blues 

There are lots of release variations recordings/ labels/producers etc,  but two more more Devlin produced singles (1982) shown below Mama's Boys. 
- Needle in the Grove C/W Hard Headed Ways (recorded 1980)
- Belfast City Blues C/W Reach for the Top.

Again shown are credits for Mama's Engineer Philip Begley  who, in his very early days was studio technician for Mushroom's - Early One Morning and later was Engineer for Host's Tryal . His other  Engineer projects include The Corrs - Talk On Corners and M's (Robin Scott's) Pop Musik which has a number of U2 connections. 

Larry Mullan, Put Em Under Pressure, Dearg Doom Anton Drennan,  

Produced by U2's Larry Mullan  was the 1990 official song for Irish Soccer Squad's Italia 90 campaign. The song was built around the Horslips Dearg Doom riff and Jack Charlton's oft' heard chant to the squad "Put em Under Pressure". Anton (Anto or Tony) Drennan played guitar including recreating the Dearg Doom riff. 


Lockhart, Anton Drennan, Sharon Corr - Dream of You.  Fean and Goodwin

As mentioned earlier Sharon Corr and her band supported Horslips in Dec 2009 at Belfast for the Odyssey concert. Sharon had invited Jim Lockhart to  perform on her debut solo album, Dream Of You, released September 2010. Anton Drennan is guitarist in Sharon's band.   

Drennan appeared with Johnny Fean for a Guitar master class in 2009 for the Music Show at the RDS. Check Darragh Owens' video here

Drennan and Paddy Goodwin are scheduled to give a guitar lecture at the 2010 Ranelagh Festival. 

Devlin -  Cotton Mill Boys, Buddy Holly, Alan O Duffy 

We mentioned Brain Harris above who played in the reformed Creatures in the 2006 Ranalagh Festival. Brain also had a short stint in The Cotton Mill Boys.   Barry Devlin tells us he recorded with the Cotton Mill Boys in 1976 as a  guest on bass guitar for their recording of Buddy Holly's - Raining in my Heart

The Cotton Mill Boys famously were able to hold both the number 1 and 2 spots in the Irish Hit Parade charts with The Wedding Song at 1 and Raining in my Heart at spot 2. 

As was often the way with the in the industry, not all the musicians got sleeve/record credits. There is no credit for  Barry. Note, however,  the production credit for Alan O'Duffy.  The recording was at Miracle studios in Dublin.

Alan O Duffy tells us  “I helped Michael Clerkin open up Miracle Studios. It was used by people who included Billy Brown, Dickie Rock and later Daniel O’Donnell who has been recording songs made famous by my father.” 

Alan O'Duffy - The Rolling Stones, Horslips, Wings  et al. 

The 4 albums that O’Duffy produced for Horslips are perhaps amongst the strongest: Happy To Meet, The Tain, The Book Of Invasions and Aliens. Prior to first working with Horslips, O’Duffy had spent the previous 5 years in London working well neigh 18 hours a day on recording, production and mixing. He was working with some of the most brilliant and successful talents of the time. The output was an endless supply of hit records. There was The Kinks - Dedicated Follower of Fashion and there were  5 hits in role for Slade including “Cum On Feel the Noise” which went straight to Number 1 on day one. There were also The Troggs, The Spenser Davis Group and The Rolling Stones. He brought all this experience with him for Horslips. 

For the Rolling Stones (1969/70) he recorded and mixed "Honkey Tonk Women" and part of "Let It Bleed" and "Sticky Fingers" both of which were original No. 1 USA Albums.

For Happy To Meet, what happened was Horslips approached Ian Stewart to see if the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio was available.

Alan O'Duffy tells us “ Stewart had been a piano player with The Rolling Stones but was told by Andrew Oldham that his conventional image was not what The Stones needed. Stewart stayed with the band but took a behind the scenes role. Stewart had worked with me at Olympic Studios and recommended to Horslips that I should go along with the studio truck for the Horslips project. The mixing desk in the truck was the same desk (designed by Dick Swettenham and his crew)  that we used in Olympic. It suited me to move at that time as I’d recently decided to work freelance.” 

In the photo* above Alan O'Duffy in Belfast July 2010 while
 working  on   the  production  of   "Terry  Wogan's  Ireland"

Alan O'Duffy, “ I was 18 when first met the Rolling Stones in 1967. At that stage I was in Pye Studios at Marble Arch London as a tape operator and my job was to press the start and stop buttons.  That’s when I met Andrew Oldham - Stones Manager. The reason I was involved at all was due to my Derry born father Michael O’Duffy who became a famous Irish Tenor. He was frequently played on English radio in the 1950s singing songs that Irish artists are again recording today, for instance My Lagan Love, a song that was more recently recorded by Brian Kennedy. Brian, incidentally, is an artist I’d like to work with......

...... I have a very clear memory of my dad taking me along to one of his recordings at EMI, now Abbey Road Studios, in London when I was just 11.  At age 17  I was back there, this time working, and my first band was The Kinks.” 

Alan O’Duffy “ …with a number of artists, including Horslips and Wings, I would sing harmonies on the recordings. I met Paul McCartney a while back and for fun he got into a kinda game were he sang out some of the old lines to see if I remembered the harmony lines. McCartney, alluding to the fact I sang on his records said ‘it’s a wonder I let you away with that…’ ”  

As well as recording and mixing the Wings USA No 1 album Venus and Mars (1975) which was follow up to Band on the Run, Alan recorded and mixed The Jesus Christ Super Star Album , which sold 14 million units and went to No1 in the USA. He also  recorded and mixed Blind Faith  with Eric Clapton and Stevie Winwood, which also went to No1 in the USA. 

For the second time on this page we come to Barack Obama   as Alan who now also works on film and TV projects worked, in 2009, with Alpha Films (Ireland) Director Producer Mark Michael Downey on the "Inauguration of Professor Barack Obama

You can find out more about Alan at this link  (


...and now, last but not least, our two final people  from "Band on the Rum" photo come together right now.
Cormack Connelly  (2nd From right)  
Cormack is a Cork based musician friend of Chris Somers and he played at the Short Stories Tall Tales Party Night in  Slattery’s  Dublin. 

Cormack: ".. after getting into Thin Lizzy I played bass from age 12.  I met Chris through a guitar teacher and  we started jamming regularly. Later I started on drums and we started writing songs.  Playing with Brian Downey in Drogheda is definitely my high point as a musician."

Chris Somers ( far right)

Far right in the Rum photo, but far left in this photo* shot. Chris is  a very regular member of "The Holy Ghosts". The photo shows possibly his first outing with Goodwin's  Ghosts on April 22nd 2006.

Chris: "Cormac  was in the first band I played with and we've been playing together frequently since. There's a great musical chemistry between us when playing or writing we'll just go in the same direction intuitively without a word said......we were both big Rory Gallagher fans, but as far as favourites go Cormac is a Thin Lizzy  man whereas I'd opt for Horslips.

Chris was Guitar Technician for Horslips at Odyssey and the O2 gigs  (Dec 09). 

He joined Johnny and co onstage for the McHugh's rehearsals which we have photos here Thursday Mc Hughs and Friday     Mc Hughs 

In the photo with Chris are Paddy Goodwin and Myles Lally. You can see photographs of them at the Man Who Built America Party.   
Below is that  photo* cover again from the Rum night. It was 4th September 09 and, on the right, a homage rear cover* thrown in for good measure.

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